Eichenau  Peppermint Museum

Peppermint healing power

Peppermint is one of our most comprehensive and most important natural drugs. The following characteristics are attributed to it: anticonvulsant, analgesic, diuretic, sudatory, stimulatory for heart and nerves. It reduces reflex irritability and therewith algaesthesia. It acts as an anaesthetic and an antiseptic.

In folk medicine, the herb is recommendend against affections of stomach and intestine, against worms, against nervousness, sleep disorder, headache, heart palpitation, neuralgia, migraine, liver disease, gallstone colic etc.

External application is useful (among other things) for contusions, swellings, rheumatism, eczemas and burns.

Ingrediants of the peppermint are amongst others: tanning agent, bitter agent, peroxidase, oxidase, catalase and the essential oil, the concentration of which was particularly high in the Mitcham mint cultivated in Eichenau.